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    ETA International is 45!
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Do you have skills? Prove it!

ETA® International is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) trade association that serves as the leader in accredited, industry-recognized certifications for technical professionals. ETA certifications are used by many different organizations around the world, including the Certified Service Center program. With an ETA certification, you can work in areas such as fiber optics, RF communications, electronics, biomedical, renewable energy, smart home, photonics and precision optics, information technology, and more! ETA-certified professionals can be found at companies such as Disney, Raytheon, Google, Verizon, Motorola Solutions, Target, as well as throughout all branches of the US Military.

By attaining an ETA technical certification, you can be assured that your credential is:

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Association News

10 Years of ETA’s Distributed Antenna Systems Certification!

2023 marks the 10th anniversary since ETA’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) certification was first created. DAS technologies can be used for indoor locations--mainly to boost signal coverage in large buildings, stadiums, and shopping malls, as well as for outdoor purposes. A DAS network consists of many localized antennas tuned to precisely match the areas within a building or venue where boosted service is needed.


New Telcom Corner Café Podcast episode!

Telcom Corner Cafe PodcastETA's Treasurer, Sean Sheedy, FOT-OSP, FOI, has a new podcast for fiber optics. Check out his latest which covers: 4 types of cable designs, Distribution and Breakout styles used in the Premise/enterprise side of the industry and are commonly connectorized, and Loose Tube and Uni-tube/central core cables used in the Outside Plant side of the industry which are commonly fusion spliced together and terminated by splicing pigtails on/to the fibers.

You can find past episode in the fiber optics section of the Industry Links and Resources page.

Top Certification Administrators (CAs) Announced!

Top 10 CAs (Non-Fiber Optics)

  1. Howard Carter, Jr, CETa
  2. Charles P. Conrad, CETa, BST
  3. James Hamrick, CETa
  4. JoAnn Smith
  5. Matthew P. Thompson, CETa
  6. Matthew C. Russell
  7. Allen Teel
  8. Wendy K. Sweazea
  9. Donald H. Grisham
  10. Margarita T. Posada

Top 10 Fiber Optics CAs

  1. Cameron L. Karch, FOT-OSP, FOI
  2. Phil J. Shoemaker, FOT-OSP
  3. Todd H. Russell, FOI
  4. Jeffrey M. Jones, FOI
  5. Cyril H. Bryan, CETsr
  6. Jeffrey A. Noble
  7. David J. Cameron, FOI
  8. Joseph D. Moore, FOT, FOI
  9. John C. Dron, FOT-OSP, FOI
  10. Paul E. Neveux, FOI

ETA® International Celebrates 45 Years

Happy New Year! 2023 rings in the 45th anniversary of ETA® International. ETA appreciates the tremendous efforts made by staff, members, and volunteers of the trade association to improve career pathways for electronics-related vocations.


ETA® International Introduces 2023-24 Board of Directors

Industry-recognized professionals join a historic group of individuals who have mastered their craft and proudly practiced it while helping others along the way. Nominated by their peers and elected by ETA® International members, these dedicated individuals volunteer to represent ETA and play a vital role in shaping future initiatives for the Association.


ETA works with many different types of organizations such as...