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ETA has partnered with ExamRoom.AI for non-hands-on certification remote proctoring. To take a remotely-proctored ETA certification exam through ExamRoom.AI, all remote examinees must have a working web cam and microphone.

The only way to use ExamRoom.AI remote proctoring is by registering for your examination using the Remote Proctoring Examinee Registration Form. You cannot contact ExamRoom.AI directly and have your examination prepared through ETA International. ExamRoom.AI is the certification examination administrator to proctor the exam. ETA must register and set up your certification examination.

* Initial scheduling takes up to 72 hours and registration is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm EDT. Registering for same or next day testing is not guaranteed.

** Please note that examinees who wish to have their examinations proctored remotely via ExamRoom.AI must pay an additional remote proctoring fee of $14 for a two-hour exam, and $18 for a three-hour exam. ETA will still offer a free retake for all eligible certification exams but the examinee must pay the ExamRoom.AI fee.

ETA has a worldwide network of test sites with over 1,000 Certification Administrators to make taking an exam as easy as possible. If you don't see a test site near you, ETA also partners with the National College Testing Association. No matter which option you choose, you must have your exam proctored.


ETA International shall commit to acting impartially in relation to its applicants, candidates, and certified persons. Certification decisions shall be made in accordance with policies and procedures. Policies and procedures affecting applicants, candidates, and certified persons shall be made public and shall fairly and accurately convey information about the certification program.

ETA International shall understand threats to impartiality that include, but are not limited to, self-interest, activities from related bodies, relationships of personnel, financial interests, favoritism, conflict of interest, familiarity, and intimidation.

ETA International shall periodically conduct a threat analysis to determine the potential, both real and perceived, of an individual or an organization to influence certification.

Taking an ETA Examination

  1. Decide which ETA certification(s) you would like to take and review the free objectives/competencies provided by ETA. ETA offers a certification competency for each exam, which is a well-ordered categorized structural listing of knowledge, standards reference, industry best practices, testing, and troubleshooting subject items necessary to be proficient in a given technology. Certification examination questions are derived from their respective competencies. Examinees are encouraged to use the additional suggested study materials listed at the end of each competency if needed to help supplement their learning.Call to see if additional study materials are available.

    ETA also publishes two books in-house for the popular Associate CET (CETa) basic electronics and Customer Service Specialist (CSS) workforce readiness certifications. Each of these study guides are written by industry professionals, and feature chapter quizzes and practice exams. ETA members receive a discount on the ETA study guides. Bulk discounts are also available.

  2. Find an ETA certification administrator (CA) close to you to proctor the exam. You can search ETA’s online database of test sites at www.etai.org /test_sites.html, or contact ETA at (765) 653-8262.
  3. Decide whether to take the exam online with Trapeza or paper/pencil. Note: A certification administrator must be present regardless of which test format is chosen.
  4. Arrange a time to take the exam with the chosen certification administrator.
  5. Arrive early with the proper materials to take the exam. You may bring scratch paper and a non-programmable calculator to the exam. For most exams, you will be given two hours if needed. Photo ID and #2 pencils required. No electronic devices are permitted.
  6. Once completed, the certification administrator will submit your exam and information along with payment. If you test online with ETA, then you will be able to view your score(s) immediately.
  7. Examinations are processed within 7-10 business days of arrival at ETA headquarters. However, scores may be requested online through the ETA website (www.etai.org /exam_results.html).

As provided for under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), if you require special accommodations in order to complete the certification process, then please notify your Certification Administrator when scheduling your exam.

Find A Test Site

ETA-Approved Training Organizations

Some ETA certification exams require Hands-On testing prior to taking the exam. Please refer to the applicable exam's information box to see if you are required to take a Hands-On exam.

Below are the current ETA-approved training organizations. The USA and USA Military tables are organized by alphabetically by USA state/territory while the Outside USA list is organized alphabetically by country. Please choose the links at the bottom of the table to select the USA, USA Military, or Outside USA course approval list.

Other Training Options

ETA works with many other outside training organizations and schools that do not have a course approval for ETA Hands-On certifications. Some of the above ETA-approved schools have a course approval for one or more certifications, but might offer additional training courses that are not approved. You can find a list here of those schools and companies that have sent in a description. Please check their websites for more information and training options.