Senior (CETsr) Designation

An individual with six or more years of combined work and electronics training is eligible for the ETA Senior Certified Electronics Technician (CETsr) certification. To become a Senior Certified Electronics Technician, an individual must pass the Associate CET (CETa) exam plus one of the specialized Journeyman options. The Associate CET must be taken first for the senior status to be awarded automatically. The applicant must score at least 85% on the Journeyman portion to qualify for Senior designation. The Senior designation will be awarded automatically to those who meet the above requirements.

For those who do not meet the six years of experience/schooling qualification at the time of testing or have not submitted it to ETA, and who wish to attain Senior status when they have attained the requirement, the upgrade is $55.

If you hold a Standalone certification that also qualifies as a Journeyman option, and would like to attain Senior status, then you may upgrade to the Senior by taking the Associate CET exam and paying an upgrade fee. The applicant must have scored 85% or higher on the applicable Stand-Alone exam. Please call the ETA office to upgrade.

Additional Information

  • Upgrade fee is $55 (if you would like to upgrade before your certification cycle in finished. Otherwise, the Senior will be issued automatically on renewal if applicable)
  • Senior plaque available for $75

Master Specialty (CETms) Designation

Please refer to the Master Specialty chart for specific information on ETA’s CETms program. Other restrictions may apply.

The ETA Certified Electronics Technician Master Specialty (CETms) certification is designed for any professional in a specific field of electronics. The CETms is a maintainable certification, and all applicable ETA certifications must be current at the time the Master Specialty certification is requested. Each Master Specialty will receive a new certificate and wallet card.

To earn the Master Specialty, an individual must have six or more years combined electronics training and/or work experience, as well as having earned an Associate CET (CETa). An individual must also have at least four of the six certifications in their specialty category of choice (Fiber Optics, Information Technology, RF Communications, or Telecommunications). Two of the six certifications may come from any other certification field, or all six certifications may come from the specialty category of choice. Other categories will be listed as they become Master Specialty eligible. Individuals can acquire a Master Specialty certification in each category!

Master Specialty CETs must continue to maintain the individual certifications that make up their Master Specialty CET. In many cases, current certifications are required by employers. All certifications contained within the Master CETms must be maintained to stay valid. The Master Specialty CET is accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

Those who earn the requisite certifications, and have the training and/or work experience, will be automatically upgraded to the CETms after the July 1, 2017 date. If you earned the requisite number of certifications before July 1, 2017, then you are able to upgrade for a fee.

Additional Information

  • Master Specialty plaque available for $75

Master (CETma) Designation

Please refer to the Master CET chart for specific information on ETA’s CETma program. Other restrictions may apply.

A technician with six or more years combined work and electronics training may be eligible for the ETA Master Certified Electronics Technician (CETma) certification. The Master certification was created to showcase those technicians who are able to demonstrate proficiency in the many fields of electronics. In addition to the Associate CET (CETa) certification, one must successfully obtain six ETA certifications, with no more than two originating from the same specialized category in the Master CET chart, in order to qualify. All certifications must be current when applying for CETma status. Passing score on all ETA exams is 75% or higher.

Master CETs have the option to maintain the individual certifications that make up their Master CET if desired. In many cases, current certifications are required by employers. The Master CET certification itself is not maintainable.

The Master level certification is designed for, but not limited to, professional electronics service technicians, technician-managers, consultants and electronics educators. This is the highest level of ETA certification available. To upgrade, please contact the ETA office.

Disclaimer: Although the Master CET Certification (CETma) is a lifetime, non-expiring achievement, some individual Journeyman or Stand-Alone certifications do not remain permanently current when CETma Status is achieved (e.g. Fiber Optics Technician - maintenance required to stay current in this field, R56 Installer - recertification every four years by testing or taking a new class, etc.). If your employment hinges on your individual Journeyman certification status you will want to ensure you are up-to-date with your maintenance. See individual certification details for guidelines.

Additional Information

  • Master plaque available for $75