Why Get Your Course Approved?

Approval of training for technicians is not something that should be done solely by educators who work mostly with the theoretical side of the field being critiqued. It should also not be done by those with a direct interest in the course providers. It should be done by a legitimate third party - composed of experts in the field; practitioners and educators at all levels. ETA has a network of more than 600 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in place to assist with course and text reviews. ETA's Subject Matter Experts span all of the fields of certification available through ETA.

Today, with many governmental agencies (at all levels) looking to validate their educational processes, the need for recognition has become a mandate. Some states now use ETA certification as 3rd party final exams for electronics course students, but the process is not yet complete. A more formal program of validation is still needed. School systems are requiring the educational institutions to prove that their training actually is giving the student his or her money’s worth. They want proof that the time and money spent in learning this profession will pay off with a good career after graduation.

ETA has instituted a program to answer this call for help. We currently have over 1,000 Certification Administrators along with our 600 Subject Matter Experts. Because of this extensive network, ETA is in a position of being accountable to the industry for reliable test results. ETA serves in its capacity as a third party to technical education, providing a way for school systems to validate their courses. ETA is meeting these industry and educational needs.

How To Submit Your Program For Course Approval

If your school would like ETA to approve a course, or training materials that you currently offer, then please fill out one of the forms below. Upon submitting your information, ETA will review and offer the opportunity for an onsite verification visit. The fee for course approvals is $350 per course for a four-year validation period. Some of the items you will have to provide on your application are:

To read more about course approval procedures, and to apply, please download the appropriate application:

Hands-On Requirement

In order to offer ETA certifications with a Hands-On component (designated in a certification's exam info box), schools and trainers must have a course approval for the program. Non-Hands-On certifications do not require a course approval.

Current ETA-Approved Training Organizations

Below are the current ETA-approved training organizations. The USA and USA Military tables are organized alphabetically by USA state/territory for the main campus while the Outside USA list is organized alphabetically by country. Be aware that some of these organizations will travel or have trainers in many locales. Contact the organizations with “**” after their name for additional locations near you.

Please choose the links at the bottom of the table to select the USA, USA Military, or Outside USA course approval list.