Certification Administrators (CAs)

ETA believes that legitimate third parties, such as experts, practitioners and instructors in the field (rather than by those who may have a direct interest in the outcome of the programs) should administer and approve certified electronics technicians exams. ETA serves as that third-party administrator to technical education, providing a way for school systems to validate their electronics courses. In return for your help, ETA will return a portion of the fee to either you or your employer for each ETA certification exam given (SET and EM Modules do not return a CA fee. Libraries are not eligible to receive this benefit. Other restrictions may apply). You may also choose to donate your fee to ETA.

Current CA Resources

Administering ETA Exams

ETA Certification Administrators have the option to administer exams in two ways:

Trapeza Online Testing LogoWe proudly offer the Trapeza online testing system as a quick and easy in-browser examination program for CAs and examinees. No download is required. CAs must submit a request to gain access to this system. Examinees can see their results instantly, and they may view and update their records and transcript at any time. Exam fees can be paid as the examinee begins their session. Trapeza has been consistently improved and updated since its launch in 2013.

Paper and PencilSome CAs and examinees prefer the original paper and pencil format for examinations. CAs receive exam materials directly for this method of testing. The timeframe for results and processing will vary due to transmission of the information and materials. These exams are scored and processed at ETA headquarters in Greencastle, IN. CAs using certification exam booklets for testing must keep them in a secure location, or send them back to ETA.

Become A Certification Administrator

ETA continually strives to make its exam testing sites easily accessible for examinees who wish to take our more than 90 different certification exams. We currently have over 1,000 exam administrators at traditional college and community college programs, trade schools, and military bases throughout the world. If your accredited institution/school or training facility is interested in becoming an ETA-approved examination site, please complete the Certification Administrator application (must be 18 years or older). Please print a copy of the application form for your records.

Authorization to administer ETA certification exams is given to the individual. By gaining approval from ETA, a Certification Administrator’s location is listed for the public to contact using the CA Locator. CAs are given the option to have their location listed or remain private. Upon approval, a CA may proctor all ETA certification exams that do not require Hands-On skills assessments and FCC commercial operator licensing exams.

Certification Administrator Application

Congratulations to the top Certification Administrators for 2023!

Top 10 CAs (Non-Fiber Optics)

  1. Howard Carter, CETa
  2. Wendy Sweazea
  3. Donald Grisham
  4. Ira Wiesenfeld, CETms(RF)
  5. Charles Conrad, BST, CSS
  6. Matthew Russell
  7. Jason Payne, CET
  8. Derrick Olavarria
  9. Haley Moore
  10. JoAnn Smith

Top 10 Fiber Optics CAs

  1. John Dron, FOT-OSP, FOI
  2. Phil Shoemaker, FOT-OSP
  3. Cameron Karch, FOT-OSP, FOI
  4. Jeffrey Noble
  5. Ryan Davis, FOI
  6. Robert Simer, FOI
  7. Brice Wilson, FOT, SFF
  8. David Henry, FOI
  9. Brandon Dinsmore, FOT-OSP, FOI
  10. David Cameron, FOI