National Council on Laser Certification

National Council on Laser Certification

ETA offers test sites for the National Council on Laser Certification (NCLC) of the Professional Medical Education Association. Any ETA International Proctor (Certification Administrator) may give these exams.

Prior approval from the National Council on Laser Certification must be received by ETA before the exams are sent to the proctor.

Laser Certification Tests Available:

  • Certified Laser Repair Technician (CLRT)
  • Certified Laser Operator/Aesthetic (CLO/A)
  • Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist Exam (CLHRS)
  • Certified Laser Safety Officer/Medical (CLSO/M)

Examination Time Limits

  • CLRT - 4 hours (155 questions)
  • CLO/A - 3.5 hours, (125 questions)
  • CLHRS - 3 hours (100 questions)
  • CLSO/M - 3 hours (100 questions)

ETA Test Locations

Unacceptable Forms of ID

A temporary driver’s license or any other temporary form of identification (e.g., employment and student ID cards) are not acceptable.

Report to the chosen ETA Test Site no later than your scheduled testing time. If you do arrive late you will be allowed to take the examination, but no additional time will be provided for the examination. Candidates are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early.

To gain admission to the assessment center, a candidate needs to present two forms of identification, one with a current photograph. Both forms of identification must be current and include the candidate’s current name and signature.

Bring two pieces of identification including one of the following:

  • Drivers license with photograph
  • State identification with photograph
  • Passport
  • Military identification card with photograph

The second form of identification may just display your name and signature for signature verification. You must present proper identification to gain admission to the Testing Site.

After your identification has been approved, and the authorization verified by both NCLE and ETA, you will be admitted for testing.

Rules For Examination

  • You may wish to take your watch to the examination to help pace yourself during the test. The testing proctor will ensure that you are given the actual amount of time allotted for your examination.
  • No personal belongings, including notes, purses, briefcases, books, papers, dictionaries or other reference materials may be taken into the examination room. (Candidates should leave all personal belongings, such as purses, hats, etc., in their automobiles). You may wear a watch. You may use a calculator but these are generally not needed for any NCLE Laser Certification exam.
  • No electronic devices are permitted in the testing center, including Telephones, PDA,s , Cameras, or signaling devices such as pagers and alarms.
  • No documents or memoranda of any kind are to be taken from the examination room.
  • No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked of the supervisor during the test.
  • Your proctor may allow you to leave the room to take a break at any time, but you will not be allowed additional time to make up for time lost. This is up to the discretion of the individual proctor and their ability to maintain security over the examination.
  • The supervisor of the examination may dismiss a candidate from a test for any of the following reasons:
    • a. If the candidate’s admission to the test is unauthorized by the NCLE
    • b. If a candidate creates a disturbance, is abusive or otherwise uncooperative
    • c. If a candidate gives or receives help or is suspected of doing so,
    • d. If a candidate attempts to remove test materials or notes from the testing room, or attempts to copy, photograph or transmit test material.
    • e. If a candidate attempts to take the test for someone else. (Both individuals will thereby be barred from eligibility for any NCLE Certifications or membership.)
  • Each person will be provided with one sheet of scratch paper (or the use of the backside of the large envelope which contains the test) to use during the examination. This paper must be returned to the supervisor at the completion of testing, or you will not be allowed to receive a score report. No documents or notes of any kind may be removed from the examination room. All questions, paper and written materials are the copyrighted material of the NCLE and may not be reproduced in any form.