ETA International Introduces 2023-24 Board of Directors

Industry-recognized professionals join a historic group of individuals who have mastered their craft and proudly practiced it while helping others along the way. Nominated by their peers and elected by ETA® International members, these dedicated individuals volunteer to represent ETA and play a vital role in shaping future initiatives for the Association.

(Greencastle, Indiana) January 6, 2023: Congratulations to these professionals on being elected to the ETA® International Board of Directors! ETA® International is proud to have the most respected industry technicians and educators to lead ETA and who share the mission to certify today’s technicians in tomorrow’s technologies. ETA Board of Directors include professionals dedicated to electronics and related industries willing to serve the association with the highest standards of excellence. The volunteers selected to serve ETA for the 2023 and 2024 calendar years include:

Chairman – William Bailey, PhD, began his electronics career when he entered the United States Navy. After completing AFTA and AVI-C7 electronic training, he received metrology training. As a calibration/repair technician, he honed his skills repairing assorted items of precision measurement equipment (PME). Upon advancing, he assumed responsibilities as a Calibration Lab Supervisor, and managed all aspects of calibration/repair provided to fleet units. During his military career he also became a Micro/Miniature (2M) solder instructor training and certifying fleet technicians; taught radar fundamentals and principles of airborne moving target indicator (AMTI) radar systems. As an Atlantic Fleet Avionics auditor, he was responsible for compliance, safety, administration, and quality of electronic maintenance/repair provided by aviation fleet maintenance facilities. Upon military retirement, he taught math and electronics at ITT Technical Institute, where he became Chair of the School of Electronic Technology at the Indianapolis campus. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus. Other accomplishments include; FCC Radio Operator/Repair License (with radar endorsement), Certified Master 2M solder/repair Instructor; certified ISO 9000 lead auditor; and FAA licensed commercial pilot. He holds a Master of Aeronautics Science (MAS), and a PhD in Applied Management & Quantitative Analysis.

Vice Chairman – Joseph Cooper, CETma, CETms(IT, RF), retired in February 2021 after 30 years in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician Master Chief. His military experience included managing and maintaining all electronics onboard ships that he was stationed on, including: Combat Systems, Navigation, Communication, Radar, Fire Control, and computer systems. Since retiring, he has been employed by Honeywell in Tampa Bay, Florida where he is a Lead Engineering Technician performing calibration and testing on advanced electronics. He has completed the following degrees: Associate in Electronics from University of Phoenix, Bachelor or Business and Psychology from Excelsior College, Master in Information Management Technology from Grantham University, and is one class away from a second Master degree in IT Project Management. Joseph has achieved certifications for CETms in IT and RF as well as CETma through ETA, along with numerous other certifications.

Secretary – Chris Miller, CETsr, is a professor and program coordinator at Heartland Community College in central Illinois, where he created and developed the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Associate degree programs. In his capacity as Electronics and Mechatronics programs Program Coordinator, he takes a class to Belize and installs solar at a Marine Research Island and also develops curricular links with partner colleges in China. He is an active Coast Guard Auxiliary member, specializing in communication and emergency preparedness and is a ham radio operator, N9RKD. Chris is looking forward to continuing the efforts within ETA International in reviewing the competencies and certification questions within ETA’s programs. In addition, Chris would like to follow up with successful review and updates of the Associate Certified Electronics Technician (CETa) this year.

Treasurer – Sean Sheedy, FOT-OSP, FOI, has extensive industry experience which includes installation, troubleshooter, OSP, FTTX, LAN/Campus, emergency restoration technician, design, inspector, consultant, trainer, specifier and published author. You can find him still working in the field in many of these capacities. His experience spans the divisions of the military, various government agencies, federal and state prisons, the traditional commercial market, as well as the private sector. He holds ISP, OSP, Design certifications, as well as instructor certificates from ETA. Currently Sean serves in multiple industry roles that include consultant and advisor/specifier.

Board of Masters Chair – Ira Wiesenfeld, PE, CETms(RF), has been involved with commercial radio systems since 1966. He has a BSEE from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX; holds an FCC GROL; has an Extra Class amateur radio license (WA5GXP) and, is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas. He is a lifetime member of IEEE. His experience has included broadcast engineering; LMR and Paging system design, installation, and maintenance; manufacturing; training on electronic and communications systems, including DAS, PIM and Antenna Line Sweep testing; utilization of communications service monitors; radio paging systems; and military communications systems. He has served as the Chairman of ETA International Association; and has played a pivotal role in the development of new certifications including the DAS, DASI, DASC, WCM, USMSS, FDR/LAS, GCT 1, GCT 2, GCT 3, RFIM, MCEI, and PIM USMSS, FDR/LAS, and PIM certifications. He is a subject matter expert for the NFPA emergency ERRCS 1221 and 1225. He served as a principal subject matter expert and was responsible for the re-writing (approximately 25%) of the FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License test that was released July 1, 2009. This endeavor was conducted though the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA), whose headquarters are in Greencastle, Indiana. Ira not only authored and co-authored numerous books, but he also authored over 60 magazine articles on radio related technology and applications.

Cabling Division Chair – Paul Neukam, FOT-OSP, DCI, began his career in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field as an estimator and project manager in 1997 as Director of Infrastructure Services for Matrix Integration, where he developed and implemented a technician apprenticeship training program that was approved by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as a bona fide Apprenticeship Program. Currently, he is a contract instructor for Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Indiana and Kentucky. Additionally, he is a contract instructor and exam proctor for BTS Training. He co-founded SiteWise Systems in 2008, after more than a decade of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) contracting experience, with a networking systems integrator serving the Midwestern United States.

Cabling Division Co-Secretary/Treasurer – J.B Groves III, STS, FOT-OSP, ITS, was born in Ft. Worth Texas. He began working with computers in 1973 at Wharton County Junior College. In 1981 he went to work for Baker Packers (Baker Oil Tools) as a Leadman6 (WWII title) which was a lead computer operator. He supervised the LAN cabling for both copper and fiber in 1991 when the company “real sized” from a series of IBM enterprise mainframes to an AS/400 mid-range platform, Novell servers, and eventually Windows NT servers. He served on two project teams for Baker Hughes Incorporated; The BEST Project and Project Renaissance where he helped design the Baker Hughes data center. He served on the SAP Tivoli team that migrated the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma plant to SAP from Houston. He has been a computer science instructor and electronics instructor for Wharton County Junior College since 1999. He has 19 certifications in the areas Fiber Optics, PC Hardware, Networking, Security, and others. He is a published author in the fields of Fiber Optics, Smart Home Technologies, and STEM education. He serves the Electronics Technicians Association in several capacities which guides his professional life. His current research and certification interest are VLC (Visible Light Communications), Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), the National Quantum Computing Initiative, and cloud-based Quantum Computing as a Service.

Certified Technician Division Chair – Shane Morris, CETma, CETms(IT, RF), has over 35 years of experience in the electronics/electrical industry. He started his electronics career early when he completed a two-year technical college program in communications-electronics as a high school student then completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering while working full-time. He has multiple industry certifications including approximately 18 certifications from ETA (earning CET Master and CET Master Specialty in RF Communications and Information Technology); FCC licenses including GROL, RADAR endorsement, GMDSS Operator and Maintainer; CompTIA Network+; and Certified Electrical Administrator in the states of Alaska and Washington. Morris has been with Motorola Solutions, Inc. (MSI) for over 26 years, currently serving as a Technical Support Manager within their Field Services Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team. As a member of the SME Team, he plays a major role in developing and disseminating technical standards, guidelines, procedures, and training courses. He is the chairman of the Motorola R56 (Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites) committee and has played an instrumental role in the development, maintenance, and updating of this internationally recognized Motorola manual (R56).

Certified Technician Division Secretary/Treasurer – John Zielinski, CETma, retired after working over 50 years in the electronics field, including 10 years under contract with two radio stations where he maintained all of the studio and transmitter equipment. John spent about 35 years self-employed where he worked with consumer electronics. John holds an FCC Commercial License and an amateur radio license. John is an Apple computer geek along with being a Linux geek. In his free time, he enjoys helping friends repair audio and radio equipment.

Communications Division Chair – Mike Hare, CETms(RF), is a communication professional whose career has spanned 33 years through a variety of roles in wired/wireless communications and network technologies. Mike is currently the Communication Supervisor for the City of Bryan, Texas. He graduated from the Institute of Electronic Science of Texas A&M University. Mike earned his Master Specialty Certified Electronics Technician RF Communications (CETms) through ETA and holds multiple RF related certifications including the following; FCC GROL w/Radar endorsement, CET, CETsr, GCT 1, GCT 2, RFIM, DAS, LAS and MRT. Mike serves on the ETA GCT Certification Program Subject Matter Advisory Board which reviews and develops the knowledge competencies for the curriculum. He has setup ETA training opportunities regionally to advance his fellow technicians knowledge base and certifications. He serves on several International, Statewide and Regional Communication Committees to stay current on interoperability and the ever-changing communication technologies. Mike enjoys facing the challenges that arise from working with RF communications. Mike’s passion and continued educational advancements dealing with communications will serve him well while representing ETA on the Board of Directors.

Communications Secretary/Treasurer – Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR, moved to Texas at the age of 19 to begin his United States Army career as a 25U –Signal Support Systems Specialist. That is where his passion for RF communications and electronics was born. Chris gained years of valuable experience in all manners of communications systems. Throughout his career, spanning multiple states and countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, Chris was fortunate enough to earn the rank of Staff Sergeant. After roughly 10 years of service, he became a government contractor at Ft. Hood, TX and served as a radio communications instructor for 3 years. Chris then moved on to Houston, TX and has held multiple positions at Bearcom, such as Field Service Technician, Senior Field Service Technician, and DAS Technician. Chris is currently a DAS Systems Engineer which focuses on turn-key approaches to in-building wireless coverage solutions ranging from LMR, Public Safety and Cellular. In his personal time, he enjoys expanding his RF knowledge, cooking, and introducing his daughter to the world of Amateur Radio. Chris’s education and certifications include: FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL), Senior Electronics Technician (CETsr), General Communications Technician, Level 1 (GCT1), Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM), Line and Antenna Sweep (LAS), DAS Installer (DASI), iBWave Design Engineer Level 1&2, Nextivity Cel-Fi Certified Installer, Surecall Certified Installer Level 2, SOLiD Engineer Level 1, PCTEL Public Safety Testing Methods Course, and Amateur Radio License: Technician Class.

Education Division Chair – Richard Booth was the Detachment Production Superintendent for Field Training Detachment 211 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base prior to his retirement. During his 20+ years Air Force career, he personally conducted over 9,400 formal classroom hours for 1,050 aircraft technicians. As Detachment 211’s lead instructor, Booth also acted as an intra and interservice liaison for the United States Navy’s Miniature/Microminiature circuit card repair program. Additionally, he personally developed courseware and oversaw courseware development for 60+ Air Force electronics, avionics and information technology courses. As part of his duties, Booth directed and managed the Detachment’s IT department in support of LAN operations and offsite database security. Currently, Booth is the Interactive Digital Media instructor for Empire High School in Tucson, Arizona.

Education Division Secretary/Treasurer – Clyde Dolly, CETma, has served in the U.S. Army as an Automated Logistical Specialist (MOS 92A) attached to the Class-9 Operation setup during Operation Joint Endeavor in Hungary. Clyde has over 25 years of warehouse and logistics management experience with positions held from supervisor to director of materials. Clyde also has 11 years of communications electronic refurbishing experience, supervising a team of testing components using various electronic equipment and techniques. Clyde brings with him more than 15 years in the electronics field, working with start-ups as well as Fortune 50 Companies as well as leadership, training and team building experience. Clyde is the Director of Site Operations for STRAC Institute where he applies his teaching and training experience within the electronic field. A STRAC graduate, Clyde has earned his ETA Master Certified Electronics Technician (CETma) and Master IPC Trainer (MIT) credentials.

Renewable Energy Division Chair – Jay Warmke, PV2, SWI, is co-owner (along with his wife Annie) of Blue Rock Station, a sustainable living center that features the first Earthship (a 2,200 sq. ft passive solar home constructed out of garbage) built east of the Mississippi, many straw bale buildings, a plastic bottle greenhouse, a solar shower, gardens, milk goats, lots of summer interns, and way too many cats. Jay and Annie host a weekly radio program on sustainability called “When the BioMass Hits the Wind Turbine” which is aired on WOUB (Athens, OH), WGRN (Columbus, OH) and is also syndicated through the Pacifica broadcasting network. Jay is the author of numerous green technology books and articles, including Green Technology: Principles and Practices (Marcraft), Solar Photovoltaic Installer Certification Guide (Marcraft), Wind Turbine Installer Certification Guide (Marcraft), When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine (BRS Media), Understanding Photovoltaics: A Study Guide for Solar Electric Certification Programs (BRS Media), Designing & Installing Solar PV Systems (BRS Media) and many more. He has served as vice president of the board of directors of Green Energy Ohio and is president of the International Certification and Accreditation Council. He has also served as a committee member on ETA's renewable energy committee since 2010. He is on the advisory council of Ohio State University's renewable energy program, as well as an adviser to Tolles Career & Technical Center renewable energy program. He is currently an instructor of Renewable Energy at Zane State University.

Shop Division Co-Chair – Ron Mayes, DASC, is the President and founder of Advantage Communications Incorporated. Advantage specializes in Wireless Communications systems, products and services. Ron designs, installs, and services the following: carrier class, simulcast, wide area paging systems for business, medical and government agency use. Provide In-Building Distributive Antenna Systems for wireless cellular, two-way radio, paging and Wi-Fi networks; sales and service of P25 digital radio systems for Public Safety and Government agencies; Wireless communications systems for business and oil companies; IP Camera systems; Wireless Internet Service Provider; and Communications Towers. In 2020, Ron was the President of Greater Wichita Business Network. He has been a part of this association since 2012. Ron has served on several Scouting committees and chaired the 2004 Sporting Clays fundraising event which raised over $150,000 in a single day event for Scouting. Ron’s previous positions include: Club Master (533), Den & Webelos Leader, Committee chairperson and more with Pack & Troop 533 un Andover, KS, Committee Member Troop 519, Wichita, KS. Ron is an Eagle Scout with Palms and a proud parent of an Eagle Scout son.

Shop Division Co-Chair – Terry Zaccarino, CET, has been a member of ETA for 15 years. He is the owner of Communications Electronics of Virginia located in Fairfax County, Virginia. Zaccarino is currently serving as a board member of Certified Service Center, which promotes certification in service shops in technical industries.

Shop Division Secretary/Treasurer – Armando Montiel, has been evolving on the wireless communications arena since 1977, working on sales, service, design and support of electronic communications equipment, communications sites, communications towers, CCTV surveillance systems, access control, telephony, and networking. Most of these years, he was managing his own company in Mexico which provided radio communication and security services to commercial and government areas along the northern border. Currently, he is the general manager and managing partner at RZ Communications Laredo, a Motorola Channel Partner responsible for service and support to all Motorola Public Safety customers in the city of Laredo, Texas and surrounding areas.

Director of Chapter Relations – Travis McInerney was born in Glendale, Arizona. Shortly after graduating from High School, Travis left for the Air Force in 2013. Currently, Travis works for the Air Force Flight Standards Agency as an Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS) subject matter expert. He currently leads teams of technicians across Europe, and provides training and development opportunities for his peers and colleagues across the continent to become technically proficient. Over the 8+ years, Travis has been working on ATCALS and have been selected as the Career Fields Technician of The Year while stationed in Air Combat Command and the Air Force District of Washington. Travis has also been nominated as the Trainer of the Year for 2022. Travis holds two certifications: General radiotelephone operator license and a Master Telecommunications Technician certification. To supplement his technical expertise in electronics systems maintenance, he is attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University studying Technical Management. Throughout his job, he has plenty of experience being in a position of responsibility over numerous regional organizations, totaling 117 sites worldwide. This experience may prove useful transitioning into a position where Travis may be able to assist and represent ETA chapters across the world.

Director of International Relations – John Bakkeren, CESma, CESms(RF), was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada of Dutch parents. Soon after, his family moved back to The Netherlands, where all his formal schooling was completed. He earned his first professional certification as a Certified Electrician and worked as an electrician before he was hired as a Radio Technician for the Dutch Federal Police. Ten years later, he began his job as Radio Technician at the Toronto Police Service, where he was later promoted to Senior Radio Technician in charge of the mobile radio repair section. Bakkeren was introduced to ETA during an employer-mandated training course, the Communication Site Installation Inspector (CSI), with a CES (senior technician) accreditation. He was later hired as Senior Systems Technician with the Peel Regional Police Service radio shop in Brampton, Ontario where he is responsible for the second-tier maintenance of all the mobile and portable radios in use by the police service.

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