FCC Implements New $35 Filing Fee

Greencastle, April 19, 2022: The FCC has implemented a $35 filing fee for new commercial radio operator license applications (MROP, GROL, GMDSS, etc.). ETA promptly files license applications on behalf of individuals who complete FCC exam elements. Applicants will now receive an email from the official FCC email address instructing them to log into their CORES account to pay the fee and finalize their pending application.

As one of only 12 COLEMs in the nation, ETA offers all of the FCC commercial radio license exams. You can take any of these tests from our many ETA-approved test sites. You may also take any of these tests online through ETA's Trapeza online testing site (a Certification Administrator will still be required to proctor the exam). The Montgomery GI Bill also covers FCC exams for reimbursement for qualified military personnel. Commercial FCC licenses are lifetime and do not require maintenance/recertification.

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Download this press release at – https://www.etai.org/pr/2022_FCC_Implements_New_$35_Filing_Fee.pdf