ETA® International Updates Master RESI Certification

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Greencastle, May 25, 2022: ETA® International recently updated its Master Residential Electronics System Integrator (RESIma) certification, which will now be titled Smart Technology Systems Master Integrator (STSmi). This update will bring the name in line with the rest of the Smart Technology Systems suite, and complete the certification updates in the Smart Home category.

The STS Master Integrator will be practiced in all of the core STS skills and knowledge. Additionally, the STS Master Integrator is capable of designing the entire communications and electronics networked system(s) for audio, video, and data, along with management of security and environment to function in one LAN converged at the system controller. The STSmi is also capable of troubleshooting, debugging and optimizing the system of planned installations and/or modifications of/to existing facilities. The STS Master Integrator has extensive proficient knowledge in the operation of smart technology electronics. The STSmi is now maintainable and accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

Earning the STS Master Integrator (STSmi) certification requires passing the prerequisite core Smart Technology Systems (STS) certification, plus each of the four STS endorsements: Audio Video (AV), Computer Networking (CN), Environmental Control (EC) and Security-Surveillance (SS). After successfully completing the prerequisites, the STSmi certification examination can be attempted. For more information, please visit to learn more about the STSmi.

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