ETA International Welcomes New Board of Directors

Dedicated to fostering excellence in electronics and related industries with education providers and industry professionals, ETA® International is committed to offering the highest levels of professionalism to the workers and industries it serves with over 80 accredited certifications. ETA introduces the technicians and educators who will promote and guide the trade association for the next two-year term.

Greencastle, January 8, 2019: ETA® International is proud to have the most respected industry leaders as members of the not-for-profit professional trade association who share the mission to certify today’s technicians in tomorrow’s technologies. ETA recently elected member technicians and educators to lead the not-for-profit trade association for the next two years. ETA Board of Directors includes professionals dedicated to the electronics industry willing to serve the association with the highest standards of excellence. The volunteers selected to serve ETA International for the 2019 and 2020 calendar years include:


John Baldwin, CETsr, is an ETA charter member, has served the Board in several positions, and was awarded ETA’s Pete Award in 2001 and was also honored with the 2013 ETA President’s Excellence Award.


Ira Weisenfeld, P.E., CETsr, has been involved with commercial radio systems since 1966 and is currently the president and principal engineer at IWA Technical Services Inc., providing engineering services and technical training in the land mobile radio and paging industry.


Chris Miller, CETsr, is a professor and program coordinator at Heartland Community College (IL), where he developed the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Associate degree programs, and is an active Coast Guard Auxiliary member, specializing in communication and emergency preparedness.


William “Bill” Bailey, PhD, began his electronics career when he entered the United States Navy as a calibration/repair technician. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University World Wide Campus and Harrison College.


Richard Agard, CET, has been in the electronics field for over 30 years and is presently a technical instructor at Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, where he develops programs in advanced electronics and positive train control.


Jay Thompson, CETsr, is a senior field engineer whose career spans over 40 years. He spent the last decade as a communications unit leader for the US Department of Homeland Security and US Department of Health and Human Services - Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-4.


James ‘Joe’ Goudy, CETsr, had a 29-year career in industry working for ANR Pipeline, where he was responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of a private industrial microwave telecommunications system. He currently teaches for Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa (IA).


Karl Eilers, LAS, has worked as an electronics technician and engineer for 50 years with an emphasis on pro audio. Eilers is the publisher and principal author of the study guides for the ETA Electronics Modules 1-5 certifications and contributed to the forthcoming Systems Level Technician handbook.


Joshua Copeland, CETsr, is a Senior Cyber Security Engineer with General Dynamics Information Technology, after retirement from 20 years of service with the U.S. Air Force, where he oversees the management of end point security for multiple federal and state agencies, architecting solutions for vulnerability management and threat protection.


John Zielinski, CETma, retired after about 42 years in the electronics field, mostly as a technician. He spent a few years back in the 1970s maintaining radio stations under contract. The last few years, he worked in contract manufacturing doing testing of finished products and conformal coating.


Judith ‘Judy’ Hill, CETsr, began her career in electronics in 1981 when she joined the U.S. Navy as an Electronic Technician. After serving, she went to work for Motorola, Inc. and later for Day Wireless Systems. She is currently the Shop Manager at Island County Emergency Services Communications Center in Oak Harbor (WA).


Armando Montiel, EEE, CETsr, has been in wireless communications since 1977. Currently, he is the General Manager and Managing Partner at RZ Communications Laredo, a Motorola Channel Partner responsible for service and support to all Motorola Public Safety customers in the city of Laredo (TX) and surrounding areas.


Paul Neukam, DCI, FOI, FOT-OSP, began his career in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in 1997 as Director of Infrastructure Services for Matrix Integration. Currently, he is a contract instructor for Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Indiana and Kentucky and for BTS Training. He co-founded SiteWise Systems in 2008, a networking systems integrator serving the Midwestern United States.


Sean Sheedy, FOI, FOT-OSP has extensive industry experience which includes installation, troubleshooter, emergency restoration technician design, inspector, consultant, and trainer and is a published author. His experience spans the divisions of the military, various government agencies, federal and state prisons, the traditional commercial market, as well as the private sector.


Jay Warmke, PVI-LVL1, SWI, established Blue Rock Station (BRS), a sustainable living center where people learn to enjoy a truly sustainable lifestyle and earn lucrative careers in renewable energy. Currently, he serves as instructor in renewable energy at BRS, Central Ohio Technical College and Marcraft and is an ‘Insight’ contributor to EcoWatch Journal.


Johannes ‘John’ Bakkeren, CESma, worked as electrician before he was hired as Radio Technician for the Dutch Federal Police. He became a Radio Technician at the Toronto Police Service and was later hired as Senior Systems Technician with the Peel Regional Police Service, where he is responsible for the second tier maintenance of all mobile and portable radios.


Richard W. Booth was the Detachment Production Superintendent for Field Training at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, where he also acted as an intra and interservice liaison for the U.S. Navy’s Miniature/Microminiature circuit card repair program. He is currently the electronics instructor at Empire High School in Tucson (AZ).


Shane Morris, CETma, has over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry and has been with Motorola for 20 years, currently serving as a Technical Support Manager and Electrical Administrator, he also teaches classes to Motorola employees, shops and contractors.

About ETA - Since 1978, ETA has delivered over 200,000 certification examinations successfully. Widely recognized and frequently used in worker job selection, hiring processes, pay increases, and advancements, ETA certifications are often required as companies bid on contracts. ETA’s certifications are personal and travel with the individual, regardless of employment or status change and measure competencies of persons, not products or vendors. All ETA certifications are accredited through the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and align with the ISO-17024 standard. .

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