ETA Promotes 5G with New Certification and Partner Training

ETA® International recognizes the new role 5G technology will have on the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector and wants to help prepare technicians and engineers for its impact on their careers. ETA will host an introductory hands-on 5G training course at ETA’s annual convention, Education Forum, co-locating with the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas March 4-8, 2019 that will lay the groundwork for success with the accredited certification exam.

Greencastle, July 31, 2018: Nearly everyone in the telecommunications industry is buzzing about 5G. ETA International intends to address what the new technology will mean for technicians and engineers working for enterprise, government and consumers based on the 3GPP 5G standards. Join peers and colleagues at Education Forum, co-locating with the International Wireless Communications Expo, March 4-8, 2019 in Las Vegas for an introduction to what exactly 5G is and its bearing on virtual reality, self-driving cars, smart cities, artificial intelligence, unprecedented internet speeds and more.

In any industry, it is important to stay on top of the current trends to succeed. This is extremely applicable in telecommunications where technology evolves exponentially within a rapid time frame. ETA’s 5G for Technicians certification and hosted training course is aimed at technicians and engineers with basic knowledge of the wireless industry.

ETA’s certification examination will cover a variety of topics, including: 5G linguistics, uses of 5G with enterprise, government and consumer systems, 5G equipment specifications, 5G networks, 5G construction best practices, 5G infrastructure design, and general design principles and concepts. The hosted training course will serve as an introduction to 5G and will give attendees the opportunity to earn an accredited certification that has valuable industry applications.

“5G has already had an impact on our industry and we expect it to drive profound long-term changes in the way we communicate with one another, conduct business, and govern cities, said 5G Committee Chair and industry training partner Patrick McNerney, COO, 3D Design & Engineering. He added, “Our team has set out with an ambitious goal to familiarize those within the Information Communications Technology industry with this new wave of technology from an engineering and construction perspective.”

Attendees will get a first-hand look at industry standards, case studies provided by subject matter experts (SMEs) with backgrounds in structural engineering, construction, RF engineering, broadcasting and entertainment. SMEs volunteering their time and expertise to the certification committee include McNerney; Nabil Mimouni, Ph.D., P.E., President, 3D Design & Engineering; Sam Malone, President, 512 NewMedia; Bobby McClung, CEO, AWS Communications; Dale Shumaker, P.E., President, Texas State Wireless Association; Andrew Kasparek, Real Estate Consultant, JMH Inc; Jim Parker, Sr. Marketing Manager, AT&T Services; and Danny Broussard, DOO, VenuBlue.

“ETA has a proven track record of developing accredited, vendor-neutral, and stackable courses for technicians with a rich history dating back to 1978,” McNerney said, adding, “I could think of no better partner to have in such a venture and we are looking forward to the release of the first accredited 5G certification course at Education Forum 2019 in Las Vegas co-locating with IWCE.”

Get prepared for the next wave of telecommunications developments with this introductory course at Education Forum! This one-day course will be offered Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at a cost of $495 for early registrations. ETA members will enjoy a $75 discount. Not already a member? Join ETA today!

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About the Education Forum - ETA International is proud to host hands-on training through outside vendors in popular technology areas related to ETA certification during Education Forum, co-located with the International Wireless Communications Expo, March 5-9, 2018, in Orlando, FL. ETA's partners, the industry’s most respected trainers, will provide in-depth hands-on training in 12 key areas of expertise beginning on Monday, March 5th. Following each training class, ETA will provide opportunities to test for ETA certification.

About ETA - Since 1978, ETA has delivered over 200,000 certification examinations successfully. Widely recognized and frequently used in worker job selection, hiring processes, pay increases, and advancements, ETA certifications are often required as companies bid on contracts. ETA’s certifications are personal and travel with the individual, regardless of employment or status change and measure competencies of persons, not products or vendors. All ETA certifications are accredited through the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and align with the ISO-17024 standard. .

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