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    REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR ETA INTERNATIONAL 2023-2024 BOARD OF DIRECTORS!    ETA ATTENDS THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY ISE EXPO ETA® International traveled to Denver, Colorado to attend the 30th anniversary ISE Expo during August 24-25, 2022. Maddy Mondy, CSS, Marketing Coordinator and Tracy Sparks, CSS, Database and Processing Coordinator attended the show. The ISE Expo showcases the future of innovative technological solutions that help transform ICT/Telecommunication fixed and mobile networks. ETA® International joined the hundreds of companies who were there to showcase their specified product or service that relates to the telecommunications field. ETA had the pleasure of meeting attendees of the show and even a few ETA members and CAs! Thank you to everyone who made it to the booth to say hello and learn a little bit more about what ETA has to offer.          CONNECT ALL THE LEDS IN SERIES FROM ANODE TO CATHODE  Answer on Page 18   LIFETIME MEMBER ALERT! NEW LIFETIME MEMBERS FOR 2022: DON ROSADINI MELISSA LAWNEY KENNETH TESHIMA CHRISTOPHER BURT   THANK YOU TO ALL OF ETA’S LIFETIME MEMBERS! highTECH NEWS | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022 | 9 

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