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   Continued from page 6 Awareness of the potential for cross-contamination is not trained since most fiber optic inspection cannot see these surfaces. Secondary Surfaces include: a.) the total horizontal end face, b.) vertical surfaces, c.) alignment sleeves/ports, and d.) spaces between transmission fibers termed ‘intersurfaces’. (e) All fiber connectors have these characteristics and advanced characterizations. WHY DOES IT MATTER? In 2003, my understanding of ‘SECONDARY CONTAMINATION’ arose from a product complaint! The end user expressed how, when using an IPA pad to clean, the surface would ‘pass’ inspection only to fail in subsequent days. Image 5 is a screen shot of a video(f) of demonstrations performed many thousands of times. The phenomenon pointed by the arrow is ‘fluidic contamination’ in motion from outside the field of view of 200-400x inspection and auto-detect. This excess solvent is leaching from the “Zone- 5” vertical ferrule, can cross contaminate to the back plain, alignment sleeve, as well as other horizontal and vertical sectors. This surface might ‘pass’...only to have excess solvent flow on to the transmission surfaces. Both “Primary” and “Secondary” contamination may influence any fiber optic deployment. Debris may transfer or be present on unseen surfaces. A higher standard can be considered as best practice beyond existing minimum requirements. a.) N.R. Cooper, William Spontak: Union Carbide Corporation®, Technical Services-1968, A. Friedman, Founder, Chemtronics©-1990. b.) FOA Reference Guide-2018. c.) “How We Do and Should Not, Should and May Not, Clean and Inspect a Fiber Optic Connection” Edward J. Forrest-2016. d.) IEC 61300-3-35, TIA 455-240, SAE AS-3, AIR 6031 IEEE Guide for Installation Methods for Fiber Optic Cables in Electric Power Generating Stations and in Industrial Facilities," in IEEE Std 1428- 2004, vol., no., pp.1-31, 18 July 2005, (e) “Breaking Through Myth to Reality. A future proof view of fiber optic inspection and cleaning”. Edward J. Forrest, Jr. 2018 (f) YouTube® edforrest channel      highTECH NEWS | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022 | 7 

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