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    NEWS  ETA® International Staff President Bryan Allen, CSM, CSS Financial Director Cindy Reed, CSS Marketing Coordinator High Tech News Editor Madison Mondy, CSS Director of CET Testing Lynda Shute, CSS Database & Processing Coordinator Tracy Sparks, CSS, MCP Research & Development Coordinator David Weaver, CSS Research & Development Edward Kirkpatrick, CSS, PVI1 Certification Administrator Coordinator High Tech News Assistant Editor Joseph Maher, CSM, DVE Maintenance Coordinator Anthony Pintor, CSS Staff Support Delores Andrews High Tech News is published by Electronics Technicians Association International, Inc. 5 Depot Street, Greencastle IN 46135 Phone: (800) 288-3824 / (765) 653-8262 Fax: (765) 653-4287 Web Site: E-Mail: Publication # ISSN 1092-9592 The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of ETA International   Chairman Ira Wiesenfeld, PE, CETms(RF) Vice Chairman William Bailey, PhD Secretary Christopher Miller, CETsr Treasurer William Woodward, PE Board of Masters Chair Joseph Cooper, CETma, CETms(IT, RF) Cabling Division Chair Paul Neukam, FOT-OSP, DCI Co-Cabling Division Secretary/Treasurer Mickael Cruz, FOT, CET & Sean Sheedy, FOT-OSP, FOI Certified Technician Division Chair Shane Morris, CETma, CETms (IT, RF) Certified Technician Division Secretary/Treasurer John Zielinski, CETma Communications Division Chair John Baldwin, CETsr Communications Division Secretary/Treasurer Jay Thompson, CETsr Director of Student Chapter Relations Richard Booth Education Division Chair Shirley Brown-Harrison Education Division Secretary/Treasurer J.B. Groves, STS, FOT-OSP, ITS International Division Chair Johannes Bakkeren, CESma, CESms(RF) Renewable Energy Division Chair Jay Warmke, PV2, SWI Shop Owners Division Chair Terry Zaccarino, CET Shop Owners Division Secretary/Treasurer Armando Montiel, CETsr ETA® Board of Directors contents November/December 2022 • Volume 55, Issue 6 FEATURES 2 VOTING FOR ETA’S 2023-24 BOARD OF DIRECTORS IS OPEN One of the privileges of membership in the ETA International technical association, is your right to vote for the Board of Directors of your choice. NOW is the time to exercise that right and to select the technicians and educators among us who will promote and guide ETA for two-year terms during the 2023 and 2024 calendar years. 4 “NOT TO EXCEED” LOSS BUDGETS Larry Johnson focuses in on how installers can create their own “Not to Exceed” loss budget. This addresses both component and span attenuation requirements which contractors and installers are responsible for achieving. Installers are only responsible for the spans they are installing. 6 UNDERSTANDING PRIMARY AND SECONDARY FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR CONTAMINATION Abstract: To study The Sciences of Cleaning, students are taught three tenets: 1) What are the debris, 2) Where is it located, and 3) What are the best means to remove it? For fiber optics, before the first standards were established, an inspection may have been performed using a jeweler’s loupe, then a direct view microscope that, improperly used, could cause eye damage. 8 PRINTING AND PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY Printing and packaging technology are very important to our lives. Bags of potato chips, drink pouches, wrapped snack cakes and candy bars are all made with printed packaging material. Read more about how factories package these desired items on page 8. 9 ETA ATTENDS THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY ISE EXPO ETA International attended the 30th Anniversary ISE Expo in late August. Maddy Mondy, Marketing Coordinator and Tracy Sparks, Database and Processing Coordinator were in attendance along with the hundreds of companies who were there to showcase their specified product or service that relates to the telecommunications field. department 10 Check out this list of highly qualified profes- sionals who have recently earned new ETA International accredited certification. ON THE COVER: A technician is pictured at a large panel of fiber connectors and is using his FLUKE Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and Cable Tester to test fiber cable.      The Magazine for HIGH TECH Professionals NOV/DEC 2022 NEWS INSIDE 2023-24 BOARD OF DIRECTORS BALLOT “NOT TO EXCEED” LOSS BUDGETS FIBER OPTIC CONTAMINATION PRINTING AND PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ETA ATTENDS ISE EXPO “The world of the future is in our making. Tomorrow is now.”      Eleanor Roosevelt highTECH NEWS | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022 | 3 

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