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  ETA INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors Ballot 2020 ETA Annual Nominations    One of the privileges of membership in the ETA International technical association, is your right to vote for the Board of Directors of your choice. NOW is the time to exercise that right and to select the technicians and educators among us who will promote and guide ETA for two-year terms during the 2023 and 2024 calendar years. In order to vote, you must be a member of ETA. If your membership has expired, please renew today by calling ETA at (800) 288-3824. Your name and email address are required to cast your ballot in order to verify ETA membership status. You may read the Board nominees biographies in the Members Only section of ETA’s website. Please visit and click “Member Login” and make your voice heard! The 2023 - 2024 officers will be announced in January on the ETA website as well as in the January/February issue of the High Tech News. Officers will be installed at the Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for dates! ETA appreciates your decision to be an active part of your association! HOW TO CAST YOUR OFFICER BALLOT: Visit and click “Member Login” Deadline to vote is Sunday, December 4, 2022! Shop Owners Division Secretary/Treasurer: 􏰀 Armando Montiel, CETsr 􏰀 Jay Jenkins Jr., MRT, LAS 􏰀 Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR 􏰀 Terry Zaccarino, CET Cabling Division Chair: 􏰀 Mickael Cruz, FOT, CETma 􏰀 Richard Agard 􏰀 Paul Neukam, FOT-OSP, DCI 􏰀 Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR Cabling Secretary/Treasurer: 􏰀 Sean Sheedy, FOT-OSP, FOI 􏰀 JB Groves III, FOT-OSP, FOI, ITS 􏰀 Mickael Cruz, FOT, CET Renewable Energy Chair: 􏰀 Jay Warmke, PV2, SWI 􏰀 Richard Agard Director of Student Chapter Relations: 􏰀 Rich Booth 􏰀 Chris Miller, CETsr 􏰀 Travis McInerney International Division Chair: 􏰀 Johannes ‘John’ Bakkeren, CESma, CESms(RF)  Board of Directors Nominees Vice Chairman: 􏰀 Joseph Cooper, CETma, CETms(IT, RF) 􏰀 Ira Wiesenfeld, PE, CETms(RF) 􏰀 William Woodward, PE Secretary: 􏰀 Chris Miller, CETsr 􏰀 William Woodward, PE Treasurer: 􏰀 William Woodward, PE 􏰀 Chris Miller, CETsr 􏰀 Sean Sheedy, FOT-OSP, FOI Board of Masters Chair: 􏰀 Ira Wiesenfeld, PE, CETms(RF) 􏰀 Shane Morris, CETma, CETms(IT, RF) 􏰀 Joseph Cooper, CETma, CETms(IT,RF) Communications Division Chair: 􏰀 Mike Hare, CETms(RF) 􏰀 Jay Thompson, CETsr 􏰀 Ira Wiesenfeld, PE, CETms(RF) 􏰀 John Baldwin, CETsr Communications Division Secretary/ Treasurer: 􏰀 John Baldwin, CETsr 􏰀 Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR Education Division Chair: 􏰀 Richard Booth 􏰀 Chris Miller, CETsr Education Division Secretary/Treasurer: 􏰀 JB Groves III, FOT-OSP, FOI, ITS 􏰀 Chris Miller, CETsr 􏰀 Richard Agard 􏰀 Clyde Dolly, CETma Certified Technician Division Chair: 􏰀 Matt Lunati, CETms(RF) 􏰀 Shane Morris, CETma, CETms(IT, RF) 􏰀 Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR 􏰀 Mickael Cruz, FOT, CET 􏰀 Joshua Copeland, ITS, NST Certified Technician Division Secretary/ Treasurer: 􏰀 John Zielinski, CETma 􏰀 Mike Hare, CETms(RF) 􏰀 Chris Cisco, CETsr, KI5KLR Shop Owners Division Chair: 􏰀 Matt Lunati, CETms(RF) 􏰀 Ron Mayes, DASC 􏰀 Terry Zaccarino, CET 􏰀 Jay Thompson, CETsr 2 | highTECH NEWS | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022 

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