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by Dr. Rodolfo Veloz, CEO at Brainamics, Written in Spanish for Latin America
  On October 19, 2022, in Santiago de Chile, the seminar "Fiber Optic: The Enabling Infrastructure of the 21st Century" was held in the Gorbea Hall of the School of Engineering at the University of Chile. During this seminar, Communications with Fiber Optic - ISBN 978-956-410-624-3 - was launched by Dr. Rodolfo Veloz, CEO of Brainamics, an ETA Approved School for Latin America located in Chile. Communications with Fiber Optic is a publication written in Spanish for continuous training and student reference for professionals and technicians in the field of communications technologies through fiber optic networks.
The seminar, "Fiber Optic: The Enabling Infrastructure of the 21st Century", was organized by the University of Chile and the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, an event in which representatives of the academic world, the public and private sectors made a tour and update on the fundamental role of this technology for digital connectivity in the 21st century. The Undersecretary of Telecommunications of the Government of Chile, Mr. Claudio Araya, the Academic Vice President for Information Technologies of the University of Chile, Dr. José Miguel Piquer, the Manager of Regulation and Corporate Affairs of Entel, Mr. Manuel Araya Arroyo, and the Manager of Digital Projects Mrs. Natalia López were all speakers at the seminar. In addition, the Director of the Yafün Project of NIC Chile, Mr. Marcelo Valenzuela, who made the introduction to the author of the book indicating that from his experience, "Communications with Optical Fiber" is the equivalent of "Baldor" in the field; and of course, Dr. Rodolfo Veloz, author of the book, made his presentation of the book before the audience of more than 120 people.
Communications with Fiber Optic is a 600-page publication that reflects the author's work of more than 10 years to offer the fundamentals of fiber optic communications, designed and implemented with a focus on technologies and standards. It offers Latin American and Spanish-speaking professionals access to the fundamentals of Fiber Optic Communications in their native language, considering that most of the existing and high-level works have been developed in English. In addition, the book can be used by teachers, trainers, and instructors, to start basic training in Fiber Optic Networks, also having as an objective for Brainamics academics to train their students for
neutral certification programs that are issued from the United States by ETA International. It should be noted that the book has been prefaced by world-class professionals, both from the US, Poland, Spain and Chile. ETA International has a presence in the book's prologue thanks to the kindness of its President, Mr. Bryan Allen.
Communications with Fiber Optic has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the University of Chile (NIC Chile), Brother International of Chile, Optral, Entel, Silica Networks, Arauco, and Brainamics. With these contributions, 500 printed copies have already been donated to the libraries of the Biblioredes National System, making them available throughout Chile, and the process of donating to the libraries of universities, institutes, technical training centers (CFT in Spanish), and technical-professional high schools has also begun throughout Chile that have telecommunications branches in their study programs. Copies have been delivered to the entire technical staff of the Undersecretary of Telecommunications of Chile, and free distribution has begun to 16 Regional Ministerial Secretariats and 16 Regional Governments of Chile, together with the Chamber of Deputies and Chamber of Senators for the commissions of Telecommunications. Today, the book has already crossed the border and books have been sent to universities and professionals in Argentina, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and Poland. Of course, 10 copies have been donated to ETA International for its library, so that Spanish-speaking professionals can access this published material in Spanish.
Dr. Rodolfo Veloz has a Doctorate DBA - Doctor of Business Administration, s. Cybersecurity; CETms(FOI) - Master Specialty in Fiber Optics; CETms(IT) - Master Specialty in Information Technology; MBA - Master of Business Administration with a mention in Management; Senior Certified Electronic Technician (CETsr); Electronic Engineer with a mention in Telecommunications, and is the CEO and Founder of Brainamics. He is a pioneer in Chile and Latin America in the development of training programs with access to neutral International Certifications in Spanish, in alliance with ETA International of the United States.
For the year 2022, the book will start a distribution of copies that will be entirely donated – 1,300 units – and it is expected that at the beginning of the year 2023 it will be available for sale through digital sales platforms for printed editions and in e-book format for Kindle, or other formats and platforms. At the close of this note, Dr. Rodolfo Veloz's book has already been incorporated as part of the recommended bibliography for the FOI Certification issued by ETA International.

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