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Written by: Greyson Knapp
 My first exposure to electronics/radio was at the age of 12. A neighbor, Mr. Davadik, K5LTK, had a huge antenna behind his house. I knocked on the door and asked to see what he was doing. That led to a time with amateur radio until girls and gasoline kicked in.
Later on, in 1978, my friend Paul, a professional diver, invited me to look at a problem he had encountered. He was working with subsea ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). These vehicles used fiber optics for both controls and video. Paul was asked to repair a broken umbilical cable. With no knowledge or experience, we managed to repair the optics electrical and hydraulics of the cable. I was fascinated by the optical fiber and managed to get a few more opportunities to work with fiber before hiring on with Western Geophysical as a “fiber optics expert”. We used fiber for the telemetry in towed arrays for off shore seismic exploration.
Meanwhile, I had returned to school to finish my degree and wanted to graduate to the engineering/research department of Western Geo. Nothing was available, so I began looking for other opportunities. I found a position with TCI Cablevision in the engineering department. We were tasked to cutover the entire South East Texas area to fiber. After the project was completed, my responsibilities turned to training all the line techs to test, maintain, and repair the system.
Western called me back! I joined the team to develop a passive fiberoptic sensor towed array for both seismic and military applications (I can talk about it now). The most interesting job I have ever had. The whole “skunk works” project was shut down for reasons I couldn’t explain in 2002.
I founded APEX Optics shortly after and began servicing the seismic systems already in the field for Input/Output (new name for the division broken off from Western Geo). I repaired subsea systems and military style connectors along with fiber optics
training in both military and commercial applications. Now, I strictly train others to do what I did so long ago. I pride myself in staying current with the latest techniques and equipment to keep my classes fresh and relevant. I enjoy staying current with past students and my door is always open to provide refreshment short courses.
I have been a lifelong caver, spending time in Mexico and West Texas. I enjoy both canoeing and kayaking and have led scouts on both cave and canoe trips. I do a lot of gardening. There isn’t a plant on this earth I can’t kill. I love teaching and sharing what I know and I learn a lot from the students I am honored to instruct. It is a pleasure to hear how they have progressed and how Fiber Optic certifications have benefited their career advancement.
Greyson Knapp is the founder of APEX Optics. For more information, please visit

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